High Flyers Cabin Crew Training

Established and owned by Lesley Murphy High Flyers is dedicated to providing its trainees with everything they require to excel in the application and interview process.

Lesley is a highly experienced ex-cabin crew professional with over 8 years in the industry. She has worked for a number of prestigious airlines and actually completed a training programme prior to achieving her first cabin crew role.

Cabin Crew Training
Cabin Crew Training
Cabin Crew Training

Before I got my start with in the industry I attended a Cabin Crew Training course myself which I found to be invaluable when getting through to the interview process. Prior to attending the course I had applied to many airlines and got through to the interview process stage but then didn’t get the job. I was becoming frustrated and couldn’t understand what was going wrong. I decided to try a cabin crew training course and see if I could get some extra information on what the airlines are actually looking for in a candidate at the interviewing stage.

I completed my training day and learned valuable information relating to interview questions, safety procedures, team work, grooming and what the job itself actually involved. I applied for a job after I completed the course and felt much more confident during the interview. For the first time I felt fully prepared and like I possessed some inside knowledge. I am pleased to confirm that I got the job and my career in the airlines began.

Lesley Murphy High Flyers

The aim of the High Flyers cabin crew training course is to pass on the valuable insight that Lesley gained not only from her career as cabin crew but also from being in the exact position you are now. The course is specially structured to help prepare you to achieve your goal of being of becoming Cabin Crew.

  • Find out if the job is for you - Gain a true insight into the day to day role of cabin crew and what the job entails
  • Gain a thorough understanding of the recruitment process
  • Create the best first impression at your interviews and enhance your suitability for the role
  • Receive full training on how a cabin crew interview is structured
  • Receive guidance as to what the airlines are looking for from a candidate
  • Help with the completion of the airline application and preparation for your interview
  • Inside hints and tips to being successful at your interviews – discover what the airlines are looking for when recruiting
  • A maths, geography and current affairs test to prepare you for tests you will undergo during the interview process
  • Understand how to be successful during your interview group sessions
  • Advice on grooming, how to dress and presentation overall for your interview
  • Complete mock interviews and sample questions to prepare you for the real thing
  • A certificate on the completion of the course that can be used as part of your interview portfolio
  • Courses run by fully qualified ex-cabin crew member with thorough knowledge of the airline industry and also the additional benefit of a Degree in Psychology

The vital extra knowledge you will gain as a result of attending the course will give you a fantastic head start when applying for your dream job. Attending the course will provide you with an advantage when attending interviews as it will demonstrate to airlines that you are dedicated in applying for the position of cabin crew, are taking the process seriously and you have prepared for the interview.